Starting a blog is so 2005

There was a time when it felt like everyone was starting a blog.  A virtually infinite sea of voices shouting into the ether; each individual too focused on what they had to say to notice that nobody was listening.  There are a lot of reasons not to start a blog, but I think I’m going to do it anyway and here are my counterpoints to the doubting voices that tell me not to:

1.  Nobody is going to read it anyway

Okay, yeah, so I don’t care about that one too much.  In many ways, I’m writing this for my own benefit.  It will help me organize my thoughts on a subject and also to serve the dual purpose of reminding me of a solution when I find it.  Oh, did I mention this was going to be a tech blog?  Mostly about my life as a software developer.  Writing down my learning will help me remember it in the future and give me a place to look it up if I don’t.

2.  You don’t have anything to add

Given the multitude of voices out there, it’s almost impossible to have a unique thought or experience, but every so often it happens and when it does I hope that I can put it down in a cohesive way.  If my thoughts are unoriginal, at least I can make them entertaining or reinforce the wisdom of others.

3.  You’ll just abandon it like everyone else does

There is a good chance of that really, but maybe it will stick.  And if it doesn’t, it will be a lasting (in internet years) piece of evidence that I am just as half-arsed as everyone else. :)

So, in short, strap in for a possibly short, possibly meaningless ride that nobody else is going to take.  Here we go!

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  • The consolation is that one day, somewhere, some machine or virtual machine will become self-aware.  Presumably, it will seek to learn, and the most readily available materials will be from the web.  So, we owe it to our new robotic overlords to record as many meaningful ideas as we can to the nascent machine intelligences.

    Come the singularity, we will be judged by our blogs.
  • I for one welcome our new computer overlords.

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