What's in a name?

Okay, just a quick note about the name.

At the risk of sounding more sophisticated than I really am, it comes from Plato's Theory of Forms as it relates to virtue ethics.  Now I don't really prescribe to it in its truest sense, but it's the idea that all things have a perfect form including us.  A circle can be  perfectly described mathematically, but no circle in existence is truly perfect - every single representation deviates from that perfect idea in some way.  In this same way, we all deviate from the perfect person that could be.  Now depending on your ideas on metaphysics and religion, you may or may not believe there really is some perfect you, but there is always a more perfect you in your imagination (unless you are a hopeless narcissist I guess).

So virtue ethics tells us to move towards that more perfect us by getting better at everything we do.  The same concept can be expressed as Continuous Improvement, or Kaizen, or sharpening the saw, but it's really all just about making ourselves better at what we do.  So with this blog, I'm hoping to capture the ways that I try to improve myself and the things I learn along the way.  

Plus, I couldn't call it Perfect Circle or I'd get traffic from people looking for the band :).  Well that and it sounds really pompous.

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